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Experienced.  Approachable. Results-Oriented.

Sohnen Law Offices is focused on civil litigation, with an emphasis on employment and commercial matters. The lawyers in our firm are distinguished professionals with a lifetime of legal experience who are equipped to handle complex cases with expertise. In employment cases, we represent employees and employers. In commercial litigation cases, we represent businesses ranging from major financial institutions to small companies and individuals.


What Makes Us Different?

With Sohnen Law Offices, you know what you get–experienced lawyers in a leading firm, with a proven track record who are to handle complex or simpler cases effectively and efficiently. You can reach us when you need us, because we are extremely responsive to our clients’ needs.  We are proud to say that a client of ours once put us on its speed dial right behind the police and fire departments.

What Are Some Employment Law Questions Clients Call or Email Us About?

We address employment situations across the board. A few of the jobs we have advised clients about are:
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Technical Workers
  • Installation Technicians
  • Nurses
Some common questions:
  •  Should the worker be receiving overtime pay for more than 8 hours a day or 40 per week, or is it proper to pay a salary?
  • What employee business expenses should be reimbursed by the employer, and in what amount?
  • Is the employee entitled to commissions for work in progress when he or she leaves the company?
  • What legal issues arise from an employee’s termination, including whether the termination itself violates some law or contract?
  • Should the employee sign a severance agreement that has been furnished by the employer?