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In the matter of O’Connor, et al. v. Uber Technologies, three former Uber drivers have filed a lawsuit against the Company, claiming that they should have been classified as employees rather than as independent contractors. The lawsuit seeks to include a group of around 160,000 current and former Uber drivers. The Honorable Judge Edward Chen of the United States District Court in San Francisco heard oral arguments on August 6, 2015. There are mixed feelings about the lawsuit amongst the Uber drivers. Some like the flexibility of being considered an independent contractor, whereas other drivers would prefer to be classified as actual employees. This is the case to watch, as it may result in an “up or down” vote by the courts on a whole range of new types of jobs sometimes referred to as the “gig economy.” Judge Chen certified the case as a class action on September 2, 2015. The class will include all drivers who contracted with Uber in California since 2009. The class will not include current drivers or drivers who began their contract with Uber as of June, 2014. A lot of tech workers and tech companies who classify workers as independent contractors are going to be watching the future developments in this case. It goes without saying that if Uber loses, it will be very costly.