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Class Action Practice

Sometimes employment practices regarding to compensation issues involve common questions of law and fact that have an impact on numerous people, and in these situations a “class action” may be the best way to address the issues in a court case.

We have filed cases for employees seeking class action status for a range of employee compensation issues. Some examples of the type of issues we have handled are:

Overtime pay – Issues include whether certain job categories are exempt from overtime laws, and whether employees who are paid based on each unit produced rather than by the hour should get overtime pay when their workday goes beyond eight hours.

Employee business expenses – Examples include how much employees are entitled to be paid for business use of their personal vehicles and/or maintaining a home office if required to work from home.

Penalties – Employees may be entitled to penalty payments from employers who violate certain legal requirements. Penalty issues, we have handled include the amount assessed if an employer willfully fails to pay all wages due to an employee who resigns or its terminated, penalties for failure to provide accurate earning statements (sometimes called pay stubs), and penalties for California Labor Code violations under the Labor Code Private Attorney General Act of 2004.

Meal and rest periods – Questions include employees’ right to meal and rest periods under California law, and what sums are due to employees when they are not provided.

Resting Facilities – Issues include an employer’s obligation to provide suitable resting facilities.

For a list of class actions we have resolved in the last five years, and cases awaiting trial, click here.